1- Traffic Information and Education Committee:
The committee specializes in covering the association’s news and coordinating with various media outlets to publish the association’s news and preparing various media topics related to traffic aspects.
The committee is also concerned with issuing pamphlets, posters, brochures and the periodical magazine for the association, and supervising the distribution of publications to the competent authorities and different groups in society.
It also specializes in preparing awareness programs directed to different groups of society (such as the student sector) related to the traffic side, in addition to preparing different cultural seasons and hosting experts and specialized lecturers to give lectures on various traffic safety, and participating in events and exhibitions held by other relevant authorities and at the state level (such as traffic Week ) .

2- The Scientific and Engineering Committee:
The committee prepares various researches and studies related to traffic aspects, in addition to preparing files for the association's participation in conferences at the local and international levels. It also prepares for conferences and meetings held by the association at the local and international levels.
It also means in the field of road engineering and vehicle engineering, and this includes planning and organizing cities and traffic regulation devices such as traffic lights and panels, as well as medical devices and devices used inside the vehicle (safety tools), transport engineering and encouraging public transport.

3- The Supervisory and Legislative Committee:
It specializes in everything related to traffic laws, regulations and regulations and their implementation, such as the Federal Traffic Law, the Axial Weights Law, the Specifications and Measures System, the Insurance Law, laws related to the import of spare parts for vehicles, and environmental pollution caused by vehicles.
It also deals with the implementation of laws and regulations related to traffic and traffic procedures in the field of violations, organizing traffic and investigating traffic accidents, in the area of ​​drivers and vehicles licensing, driving test of drivers, technical examination of vehicles, control of weights, loads, and pollutants resulting from vehicles, in addition to controlling and organizing public transport.

4- Traffic Medicine Committee:
It is concerned with ambulance and rescue in traffic accidents, and with regard to drugs and drugs affecting road users, and about driving under conditions of fatigue and exhaustion, especially large vehicles, as well as medical rehabilitation for drivers in terms of examining vision, age, disabilities, injuries and chronic diseases, in addition to the psychological aspects that affect road users ( Psychological).

5- Women's Committee:
The committee, in coordination with other committees, engages the women's sector in its various activities in the activities of the association, and encourages volunteer women's work regarding traffic safety.