Membership Conditions

Emirates Traffic Safety Association

The Emirates Traffic Safety Association was established on January 7, 2002 AD in the city of Abu Dhabi and its state of work and its headquarters is in the capital Abu Dhabi, in accordance with Federal Law No. (6) for the year 1974 AD regarding organizing associations of public benefit and its amendments by Law No. (20) for the year 1981 AD and it was declared according to Ministerial Resolution No. 715 of 2002 dated 10/19/2002, and registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs under No. (108). The association is made up of volunteer members who represent all segments and sectors of society concerned with traffic safety and have an independent legal personality.

Our vision:

Safe roads ... for a sustainable traffic environment

Our message:

Ensuring the safety of road users and contributing to minimizing traffic accidents, upgrading traffic behavior, instilling a traffic safety culture and safe use of the road for young people and members of society.

The organization's goals:

1- Preserving lives and property from traffic accidents.

2- Developing the behavior of different groups of road users by spreading traffic awareness.

3- Encouraging all segments of society to volunteer.

4- Supporting the efforts of the state in implementing its traffic safety strategy.

5- Achieving integration between the governmental and private sectors and civil society organizations to support traffic safety initiatives.

Association Membership:

Membership of the association is open to all without discrimination, and membership is divided into the following:

(A) Working membership:

Active members are those to whom the following conditions apply:

1. To be a citizen of the United Arab Emirates who are interested in the work of the association and its goals.

2. He must not be less than eighteen years old.

3. That he has not been issued a judgment against him with a criminal penalty, a freedom-restricting punishment, or a crime against honor and trust, unless he has been rehabilitated in these cases.

4. To be of good conduct, reputation and conduct.

5. He must not have been previously dismissed or stopped his activities in a club or other association for reasons that disturb security or reputation.

6. He must have approved the Articles of Association in writing.

(B) Associate Membership:

Associate members are the members to whom the conditions of active membership apply, except for the condition of enjoying the nationality of the state.

(C) Honorary membership:

Honorary members are the members whom the Board of Directors deems granting this membership from among those of prestige and opinion who have rendered great services to the country or to the association or who have a distinguished activity in the field of traffic safety and awareness and serve the goals of the association.

Duties of the members:

1. That the member works to achieve the goals of the association, and avoids anything that harms others or the entity’s entity, or that harms its reputation.

2. He must abide by the association’s articles of association, its internal regulations, and the decisions of the board of directors, and he must inform the council of any violation issued by others.

3. To cooperate with the Board of Directors, and implement what it is assigned to do.

4. To be a good example of his behavior and behavior.

5. To pay the assessed contributions for the association’s membership.

Rights of Members:

Members have the following rights:

(A) Working membership:

1. The right to nominate and be elected to the Board of Directors.

2. The right to propose and vote in the general assembly meetings.

3. Using the society’s property and practicing the various activities available.

(B) Associate Membership:

1- The right to discuss in the general assembly meetings.

2- Using the society’s property and practicing the various activities available.

Membership requests:

The membership application is submitted to the Secretary on the form designated for that. The Board of Directors takes a decision on this request at its first regular meeting, provided that the form contains all the basic data of the applicant for membership and the following is attached to it:

1- A copy of the passport or family book of registration.

2- Number (2) personal photos.

3- A receipt for the fee of (100) dirhams only.

4- A copy of the academic qualification (if any)
5- Any other supporting documents approved by the Board of Directors.