Traffic Tips

Safety on the road
Traffic injuries have become a serious problem for all countries of the world, given the enormous human, social and economic losses they are causing.
It is from this bitter reality that States, international and civil organizations and other concerned parties have begun to deal with this problem with increasing interest and to take various measures and procedures such as enacting new laws and regulations that are appropriate to the variables in this field, improving road infrastructure, rescue and ambulance services and preparing plans and programs that will reduce Of the seriousness of traffic accidents and reduce them.
Taking into account the main factors in the traffic accident, the road, the vehicle and the human, we find that the latter as the user of the road is the one who is the main responsibility for the cause of the incident, which emphasizes the importance of awareness and awareness of the users of the road to different categories and ages to contribute effectively to address the bitter reality experienced by The path of painful accidents is the death of many people, based on the culture and civilization of society and the foundations and standards binding on the individual systems and laws by state institutions in order to qualify to the right degree and strong through the dissemination and dissemination of the culture of traffic safety and To be applied to reduce accidents and the tragedies and tragedies that affect the human and economic wealth of society.